Well, I’m going to admit we surprised ourselves a bit on this one. The 3rd installment of The Art of Living Beautifully digital magazine is ready a day early and we are wasting no time in getting it to your Inbox! When TAOLB team and I had a meeting in late summer, and I admitted to them my plans to publish 3 magazines in 3 months, I knew it would be challenging, but I didn’t really consider how much I would learn in such a short amount of time. If you have spoken to me personally at all about the magazine, there is a good chance you heard me say it feels like I’m learning 20 languages all at once, and it really is true! There are so many programs to understand and decisions to make. But we did it and I am so proud and grateful to my team. (Be sure to check out Corrie Barto’s pic of us on the last page of the magazine!)


Friends, as ever, I ask that you forward this magazine to anyone and everyone. If they live in McKinney…send it!

If they love Thanksgiving…send it!

If they love Christmas…send it!

We have lots of holiday inspiration for you, and Deanne has contributed a wonderful article about the Heard-Craig Center of the Arts, which becomes a hub of activity this time of year!

Thank you to a few dear ones for making this issue awesome:

Holistic Vita


Corrie Barto Photography

Moments by Maredith

SBG Hospitality

Heard-Craig Center for the Arts

McKinney Knittery

A Little Bit of Everything Blog

Sean Nance of McKinney Cares

Mix and Match Mama

Unique Unique Design


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