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I have been a little slow on any Fall Essential posts because here in North Texas we are sweating like its July. It is sooooo hot here still.

Today, I am bringing you my favorite shoes for Fall.

number 1: Adidas Superstars


These are truly my everyday shoe. I wear them All. The. Time. It had been a while since I saw myself in a pair of tennies like these, but I think they are sporty and comfortable…and you can even wear them with dressier things. Several years ago Karl Lagerfeld sent models down the runway in the renowned Chanel suit with matching tweed sneakers. Of course Paris and other European cities didn’t drag their feet (pun intended) to adopt this trend, and it’s only a matter of time before tennies with everything comes stateside for the masses. Get in front of the trend people and be an innovator. Pair tennies with all your favorite fall ensembles!


Adidas Superstars

number 2: Mens-style loafers


Okay this is a shoe silhouette I haven’t been wearing like crazy because honestly I’ve been too busy with my Adidas, but I absolutely love this take on masculine dressing. I think loafers can look so sharp if you are wanting to pair “nice” shoes with a “nice” outfit, but don’t want to wear heels. Add loafers! So far I like loafers the most with above the knee skirts and bare legs, or leggings and tunic-style sweaters. I don’t have any pix of me wearing them, so I had to find these on Pinterest.


found on




wool flannel//red//python//platform//oxford style//tassel

number 3: closed-toe heels

tutu trioFashion and Style: A Camel Trench wiith silk blouse and rose gold accessories. Neutrals are feminine and chic for Winter!Fashion and Style: A Camel Trench wiith silk blouse and rose gold accessories. Neutrals are feminine and chic for Winter!DSC_7842DSC_7802-Edit

Guys, I think closed pointy-toed heels are super sexy; especially black ones and nude ones. Forget the drama with straps and ties and buckles and glitter, and throw on a pair of sleek heels for a cool, collected vibe this fall. Jeans, dresses, suits even tutus! They bring a level of sophistication to every ensemble and will quickly become shoe wardrobe staples. Get a pair!




number 4: booties, of course


It’s a bit difficult to get through a fall in North Texas without a pair of booties. The best part of the bootie trend is that there are approximately one zillion options! Fringe, stacked heel, stiletto heel, suede, leather, canvast, flannel, neutral, cranberry, navy, open-toed, round toe…the list continues forever. Did you know that at Nordstrom right now there are some 2500 pairs of booties from which to choose. 2500. I think its good to have one casual pair to wear with jeans–usually in a neutral color: gray or brown, and a dressier pair–maybe with a stiletto heel for dressier occasions.


10-2016-allen-image-12vest img_3068

Bootie suggestions:




 So there you have it…my four favorite fall shoe essentials. (Say that four times fast.)

Happy Shopping ladies!

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