Do you have a difficult time with picking ensembles for a Christmas photo?

Well, join the club. My friend, Emily who is a fantastic photog told me the moms always have the hardest time knowing what to wear for the picture. It’s like by the time it becomes our turn to dress, all of the creative juices have been used and we have to settle on something we aren’t in love with.

Today I have a few ideas and tips for you to keep in mind when planning the Christmas card this year. Hope this helps!

christmas card style guide

Try a solid dress in a bright color. Leave legs bare or add black tights and booties, but either way let the color make a statement. Wear longer necklaces. Short, collar styles can detract from our face or even make it look like we don’t have much of a neck. Don’t forget a matching bold lip ALWAYS makes us look happy!


Give your card a cozy look with a soft, fuzzy sweater and printed scarf. A cream sweater brightens up the picture, and the animal print scarf keeps the face from looking washed out. I added dark purple jeans with rolled cuffs to make the ensemble a relaxed, casual one.


I know a lot of moms want to dress up a little more than “jeans and a top” so how about dressing up your denim. Pair a feminine denim blouse with slacks and a nude heel. Add an interesting pendant necklace for a bit of glam. It’s a special day…you are allowed to be a little glam. If you want to add some Christmas flare to a few of the pictures, add a holiday wrap.

img_3063img_3061 img_3056img_3055

When selecting looks for a group photo keep a few things in mind:

-Choose colors you want to see hanging in your house in season-appropriate clothing. You probably won’t hang something if everyone is wearing Santa hats.

-Unless your watch is a “pretty” one, leave it off for the picture. A giant apple watch isn’t necessary in communicating Merry Christmas and will be so distracting.

-Be careful not to wear super bright pants or tights, even if that is the trend. The photograph will look dated sooner than you will wish. Darker colors on bottom can be very flattering. Or, if wearing a lighter colored pant, add a nude heel for added lift and a slimming effect.

-If you wear tennis shoes, make sure they are clean, preferably new. Nothing worse than dirty shoes with holes to distract from the rest of the picture.

-Keep makeup matte, and wear a little more than normal. A little more mascara, punch up the blush a tad, and I personally think a colorful lip communicates so much better in pictures than nude. Also note glitter doesn’t photograph well.

-Try sticking to solids and then added a printed scarf, wrap or eye-catching necklace. I like colors that echo the season…bright and bold!

-Don’t feel like your entire family needs to match. It really isn’t necessary for a lovely picture. Coordinate the kids a bit if you want, but allow the adults to wear the colors/styles they like best and feel comfortable wearing.

-ciao for now-


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photo credit: Emily McClure

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