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from the garden of Beth DiGioia, The Art of Living Beautifully Resident Gardener   Vermiculture (The Cultivation of Worms) : AKA Keeping your Little Students Busy Over the Holiday  Your little students are soon home from school and you may be searching for ideas...

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Gift Wrap Party

Good Morning Friends! Last week The Art of Living Beautifully Home Editor, Misti Reed, graciously let me accompany her to a gift wrap party a friend in her neighborhood throws every year. Originally from South Carolina, Cynthia has been hosting gift wrap parties for...

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Holistic Vita: Cupping Therapy

Good morning and Happy Monday to you! Several months ago I introduced you to Linda Cole, owner of Holistic Vita Massage and Wellness. You can review that article by clicking here. In case you have forgotten, below is a list of Linda's credentials: Licensed Massage...

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Nordstrom Denim for Christmas!

Good morning and Happy Friday to you! Today I have partnered with my favorite specialty store on the planet, Nordstrom, to tell you all about why everyone should ask for denim for Christmas. More specifically, why Nordstrom's denim department is so stellar. First of...

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Game Playing

“I’m not a spy!” I protested. Despite great effort to persuade my innocence, my dad convinced everyone my pleading was evidence of my guilt.  My own children didn’t believe me. He targeted me as the danger and succeeded in being chosen for the assignment, sabotaged...

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