Hello and Happy Friday to YOUUUUUUU!


I am linking up with my friend Erika to bring you my top favorites from the  week.

first favorite:

These pumpkin candies from Trader Joe’s.


Y’all what would we do without Trader Joe’s? They have everything: produce, frozen food, wreaths, flowers, bread, gluten free, cookie butter (gah!) and now these amazing little pumpkin candies that I Can’t. Stop. Eating. These are the perfect little bite sized treats if friends stop over for a glass of wine in the evening and you don’t have a home made apple pie just from the oven to offer them…so this is basically me every day.

Second favorite:

It is Christmas Card Picture season and I want to give a shout out to all my favorite photographers. Here is a sneak from our Christmas Card session shot by Patrizia Montanari.


Patrizia and I actually met through my blog in the spring of 2014 when she won a cooking class giveaway to Patina Green…TAOLB was just a baby. We became friends, and soon after she began taking all the fashion pictures for TAOLB. She is an incredible talent and one of the most beautiful souls I know.


Corrie Barto another photog favorite, specializes in Senior Portraits but also shoots for the blog from time to time. When she was approached last Spring to shoot all the fashion segments for Allen Image Magazine, she brought me along as the Stylist and word-smyth. She is entertaining and so much fun to work with. I love her energy! (to see our spread for Allen Image Magazine click here.)


palm3Emily McClure and I met through our kids at school–actually, when we met she looked so familiar to me and I realized she was a counselor at the camp I attended in high school. In Missouri. Isn’t that crazy?? She was the first one to give me a lesson on how a camera works. Emily and I collaborated this year for a Christmas Card Style Guide, and I can’t wait for you to see it.  Emily is kind and easy to talk to, and has a gift of capturing each subject’s true personality.



sneak peek from our Christmas Card Style Guide

All three of the ladies take fantastic pictures, are professional and fun to work with. I recommend them all for your Christmas cards! They are my photog favorites!

third favorite:

Monday was National Pasta Day…which is basically my favorite day of the year. Click here to read my post on all my favorite pasta dishes.

I have two all-time favorite pasta dishes:

Pasta Carbonara

Pasta Carbonara

And Pasta alla Bolognese

Blue Apron Bolognese

It is very difficult to create and layer the flavors of true Bolognese, so I typically leave that to the professionals…but I had some luck with this version by from Blue Apron.

I learned to make Carbonara when I was 20 and living in Florence. It is so simple to make, minimal ingredients/prep time/clean up etc…and is ALWAYS a hit with my people.

fourth favorite:

These leggings


I am wearing these babies all the time with heels, boots and tennis shoes. They are the perfect weight and material for Texas falls. Best part? Only $49! Gah!! Also they are super stretchy around the waist in case you have been eating too many of the first favorite.  Truly my favorite legging for all occasions.

fifth favorite:



Prior to the holidays, I always feel the urge to purge. This week we cleaned out the boys’s desks and the garage which both felt really good. I still have the rest of the house and my car (yikes!) Does anyone else feel like throwing stuff away or donating or getting rid of or selling on the Facebook garage sale or whatever feels cathartic? De-cluttering is a favorite.

Happy Weekend friends!

-ciao for now-


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