Today is Friday which means it’s time to bring you Our Favorite Favorites…this time a kitchen edition! And I’m excited to tell you every single item can be found on Amazon Prime–just in case the summer sun has you pool side for the weekend.

The French Press

If you have never had coffee from a French Press, today is definitely the day to begin. A French Press makes the most flavorful coffee, plus isn’t it just charming? Especially when using this copper one by Bodem.

Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Do you know what’s better than cooking with wooden spoons? Cooking with bamboo spoons! I have a glass vase next to my stove full of bamboo utensils of every kind: spatula, spoon, slotted spoon, pointy spoon, spoon with teeth, spoon with a hole in the middle etc…Bamboo utensils are stronger than wood, antimicrobial, and the ones I have linked have colorful silicone handles. I use the spatula more than anything else, so if you were going to order any extras I would definitely consider that one.

Hand Chopper

In the spring of 2003 when I moved to Florence, Italy, I found one of these little hand choppers among the ancient utensils in the tiny kitchen of my apartment, and it has been a distinct part of my kitchen utensil repertoire ever since! It makes mincing onion and garlic a breeze!

Clip-on Spoon Rest

Years ago Santa was good enough to put one of these pot clip spoon holders in my stocking, and can I tell you how happy I am that he did? Am I the only who feels a touch of anxiety at getting the spoon rest dirty? This nifty little gadgets clips to the side of a pot and holds the spoon directly over whatever delicious dish you are cooking. Drips fall into the pan. No mess!

Broiler Pan

I use a broiler pan most often when cooking bacon in the oven. Yes, you heard me correctly. I do cook bacon in the oven. There is much less mess, and when cooking bacon at 425ยบ for 10 minutes it comes out the perfect combination of soft and crispy every time. A broiler pan allows the heated air to reach food on both sides, and for grease to drip from the food safely into the pan.

Wooden Disposable Cutlery

I usually keep a little caddy in my pantry full of disposable silverware to use at parties or if I need a dish-free night. These wooden ones are biodegradable and I am so happy that in the pack of 200, 100 of them are forks because spoons and knives aren’t used as often.

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