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Hello and welcome to The Art of Living Beautifully!

Thank you for stopping by (and subscribing!) to our little space on the world wide web.

TAOLB was born in the Spring of 2014 when 2 Littles under four years and a bad case of mommy fog led me to search for a creative outlet. I hired a web designer and a photographer, and began publishing articles that would hopefully bring back the sense of self I had unconsciously abandoned in favor of raising the two little men with which God had blessed me.

My forgotten passions: fashion, cooking and entertaining became the topics of tri-weekly posts, and I tripped forward in my quest to understand the internet, technology, social media, photography and everything else required for success in the publishing world. What a crazy time!

After three years of sharing my most favorite of favorites, I decided a new, more worthy topic and interface was the future of The Art of Living Beautifully: A digital magazine dedicated to my hometown, McKinney, Texas!

As a born and raised McKinneyite—yes, that is the official term—I feel a passion to promote our unique city-village, our businesses, our non-profit organizations and our citizens. Through quarterly magazines, monthly event newsletters and weekly posts, I hope McKinney residents and visitors alike will develop or rediscover a love for our town and local culture.
Welcome to The new Art of Living Beautifully, and to some of you, welcome to McKinney!
-ciao for now-

PS: We want to hear from you! Send us an email with thoughts and/or ideas for collaborations at Lauren[at]THEARTOFLIVINGBEAUTIFULLY.NET

The Team

Misti Reed

McKinney Homes Editor

Misti Reed is the owner of Misti Reed Interiors, and co-founder of Styled Home Box—a luxury home accent subscription box. Her deep appreciation for clean, uncluttered spaces helps guide her in creating light, airy, relaxing spaces. Misti has perfected the ability to marry function with luxury, making her clients feel right at home the moment they walk through the door.


Lorie Fangio

Resident Chef

Lorie Fangio is a culinary instructor and owner of A Taste Of Paris culinary trips. She shares her extensive knowledge of French food and culture through cooking classes, regular TV appearances, writing for local publications and speaking engagements. She is a food blogger encouraging busy families to connect around the dinner table with simple recipes.


Beth DiGioia

Resident Gardener

Beth DiGioia is a Garden Coach, horticulturist, Master Gardener and lover of all plants. She began gardening in Texas in 1981 and was determined to find success through the tight, clay soil, broiling summer days, droughts and torrential downpours. She is a co-founder of The Herb Guild and formerly assisted Neil Sperry on his radio show, Neil Sperry’s Texas Gardening. Her goal in garden coaching is to help clients create beautiful gardens which are functional and livable. It is a passion that has evolved through years of formal education, hands-on learning and teaching friends and members of the gardening community.


The Art of Living Beautifully will attain its mission by providing current, relevant and truthful content on an aesthetically pleasing interface with user friendly functionality;

And by supporting local vendors, businesses, artisans and residents through the creative process of this publication.

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